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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Originally Posted by jeffkad View Post
Can you list some good preamps with HT bypass?
Just about all preamps are available with HT pass-through. There are many good ones but they each have a distinct flavor so you will have to listen to them to decide what you like.

Personally I love having tubes in the preamp as they add warmth and really do amazing things to midrange frequencies. Typically they aren't as dynamic or resolving as the best solid state preamps but there are exceptions should your wallet allow. So - you will have to invest some time listening for yourself.

Solid state pre's are easier to live with since the tubes dont need replacing and usually have more slam and extension.

Good luck with your search, I'm sure you will find that a good preamp will make you forget all about your processor for 2-channel music.
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