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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?


Well...... I love the Denon AVP for Blu-ray and HD DVD, for audio it could be a bit more open.

Classe' is polite, but that mates well with B&W.

Realize whichever pre/pro you buy in your list is;

1) Out of production
2) Outdated

Therefore all will lose value, the more of it's actual value you pay, the greater a loss you potentially take,in this case, I would argue the AVP has lost most of it's value, and can't go much lower, the TG5, seems to have more room for lowering. THIS IS ONLY MY opinion, and just as investing in the market, YMMV!

When it comes to the Harmony remotes, I am pretty well versed in them, owning a 659,880,890, and the 1000 (the one with the big touchscreen). I would say the 890 is the best remote they make right now and can be had, with RF relayer, for $216 on Amazon right now, half the price of the 1000, and a far superior remote in my mind....

How much better? Well, I never had to reboot my 890, while I frequently have to do this with the 1000, and the 890 is easier to work with on a day to day basis due to all the hard buttons, but if you want the 'crestron look' for a beer budget, it will get you that and all the flexibility of the harmony system..... at a cost!

I haven't had a Parasound in my system to comment on them.
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