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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Kenny, pardon the brainfart, but what did you mean by a TT?

Lots of people are pushing the new Denon AVP as the all-in-one-solution (the animal), but some, including you I think, have said it's not all that.

Have you heard the C1 or C2 from Parasound? Classe should be nice, but I'm afraid it may be too polite. Also have heard the BelCanto PrePro gen ii is a nice unit.

As for value, actually, you're right, the Proceed is a better 2 channel unit overall at roughly 35% of it's original cost, so it is a better value proposition than the Sunfire. The Sunfire may be close in HT though, as I would suspect the newer DSP chips are a little better than older ones. The one thing the Sunfire does have in it's favor is it's new, and I only plan on holding on to it for a few years, so if I'm buying it at 45% discount, I don't think I will lose much (after all these cheap closeout deals are off the mkt). I'm trying to manage a budget here (aka wife), so I'm palying games with dollars. The Sunfire opens up some dough to get the Esoteric sooner. I also realy love that new Harmony remote with the big touchscreen. And I've got a bead on that new Samsung 52" TOC LCD. I do love my toys!
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