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Default Re: Day and Date Blu-ray HD Porn from Digital Playground


Funny you cite Vivid, I tried to get them to comment on the future of HD DVD and Blu-ray @ the AVN's this year and even tried numerous times to contact them via Email and phone to never hear back, so I never gave them any coverage in my initial piece on HD media in the adult video industry.

Maybe I should try to contact them again......

FWIW your link is to another site announcing the DP same day/date release!


Having seen more HD DVD and Blu-ray porn over the last two years (yes, I got samples of the first two ever released HD DVD porns WAY back) I can see your point, but hell yeah we want RJ in HD!!!!!!

Some will love the added detail, while even some studios wonder if HD is right for the demographic they are going for.

Only time will tell.
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