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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Originally Posted by jeffkad View Post
Does such an animal exist yet?
In a word, NO! Not unless you are willing to fork over a LOT of cash on say the Meridian 861 or other similarly priced units.

This is why I am considering adding a good two channel preamp w/Phono stage and a TT to my HT.

I have always read the Esoteric was better with balanced, and in the few instances I have had the opportunity to compare, I agreed, but the difference was very small.

Is the AVP+6 that much better for analog than the Sunfire? In my mind and to my ears, yes. you would be buying a pre/pro that retailed for over $5K vs one for a lot less. Also the Proceed has pretty much 'bottomed out' in value, so you won't lose too much in resell in a year or two, the Sunfire could go lower IMHO.
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