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Default Re: I ordered a Toshiba XA2

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
My XA1 died. $1,000 plus tax plus installation plus the programmer to make it work on the crestron. The HDMI never really worked right. THe drawer had erectile disfunction. I might have watched 20 movies on it.... Then it started making GOD-AWFUL sounds and died days later.

And with all of that said - there is NO WAY I am going to be with out HD DVD. No WAY...

I have to wait for the custom faceplate to arrive from Middle Atlantic for my rack and I will have the guys come over and hook it up. I might be broke but at least I got some good video!!!
You have got to be feeling a little snake bitten. First, the Mark - Lev Meridian problem. Then, your headphones, and now your Toshiba HD DVD player. I guess the notion that I always thought that maybe as a reviewer also, that the manufacturer would make sure the unit they send would definitely work, is not so!!
That is just me, I`ve always thought that. But, i guess it is like anything else.
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