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Default Re: Is Sunfire TGP5 worth it, or should I get better pre/pro?

Kenny, thanks for the welcome! Regarding the Sunfire 400 watters, I would think I need a dedicated 20amp circuit if had 5x400 or 7x400, doubling up to 800wpc at 4ohms, which the 803s love to do! I have heard though that once you've had mucho power in a system with spkrs that love power, you'll never go back.

As for the TGP5, if they are still available, I can get one for $1600 new, which is the same as the Proceed AVP on Audiogon. I would prefer the AVP2+6, which gives me multi-channel analog, but it's over 2200 used. So it seems that bang for the buck is still with the Sunfire, unless the Proceed is THAT much better? The problem with the parasound is that it only allows analog bypass via a balanced input. If I get the Esoteric, it has balanced output, but I've read (in 6moons review) that it works better via unbalanced. How do you have the Esoteric set up? The classe ssp300 only has analog bypass in the 7 channel input for sacd/dvda. I will have both a dvp and a sonos/BelCanto dac2 feeding the pre/pro, and I'd like both to go analogue in with no processing since I would think the dvp and the sonos/bc combo will have better dacs and sound better unprocessed. Lots of things to consider. The best of all worlds would be a great pre/pro for HT that also acts as a great 2 channel preamp and also has dacs that compete with the better dvp/cdps of the world. Does such an animal exist yet?
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