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Default Re: Should I buy a Samsung HL67A750?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
That's a good price, I haven't seen that [particular set, but used to own a Samsung DLP, and it was a solid performer.

RPTV's are going away, still not sure why, but I always though they gave the best bang for the buck, and @ basically $2K for a 67" set? It's tough to beat.
I still have one of the early Samsung DLP models (as well as a couple of smaller flat-panels). We have had to replace the lamp, but she is still performing great. This new one will hold me over for a couple more years until OLED, or LaserVue, or whatever new technology becomes affordable.

Ken, I also don't really understand why RPTVs are quickly going out. I guess flat panels are just sexier; and most prefer front projection for larger screen sizes. Still, $2K, sure beats spending $30K for a comparable flatpanel that may soon be obsolete. For the price difference, I don't mind a few extra inches of thickness!
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