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Default Re: Samsung 40" LoC - LN40A650

Just saw your post and I have to agree. I read all the pro reviews and read all the forums and it was abundantly clear that Plasma was the ONLY way to go, especially the Pioneer Kuros or the Pros. However, one trip to Best Buy and me and everyone standing there thought the Samsung LNxxA650 was absolutely stunning, and the hands down winner for sports, etc. The plasmas looked dark and veiled by comparison. Every Best Buy salesperson as well as a Pioneer tech who happened to be there tried to convince me that I was simply enjoying the "brighter" picture that was jazzed up for the showroom and I wouldn't like it when I get home. They tried to tell me that the colors were much more accurate and "natural" in the plasma. How about this one: they tried to tell me that I needed to "re-learn" how to watch TV and what to look for when I compared LCD to Plasma. Wow. That one takes the cake. Bottom line, like I do with audio, where I judge with my ears, I judge video with my eyes. On that basis, it's the Samsung. Hands down. Case closed. Plasma loses. BTW, there are dozens if not hundreds of consumer reviews at Best Buy, Curcuit City, and Amazon that feel the same way. I'm buying one in the next few weeks. Congrats...Jeff
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