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Default Should I buy a Samsung HL67A750?

I have been thinking about picking up an RPTV while I can still get one. Samsung and Mitsubishi seem to be the only two players left in this market. I haven't seen any Sonys or JVCs for quite a while now. From what I have been able to gather Samsung's new LED powered 7 series are currently the best, consuming less power while producing a brighter colors, etc. Plus you don't have to worry about replacing expensive lamps, which is also better for the environment, etc.
Does anyone disagree, or have any other suggestions? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Right now I can get the 67" LED model at Amazon for $2,049.01 shipped:
Funny thing, Amazon says, the TV is sold thru 6ave; but if you go directly to 6ave website, it is 500 bucks more expensive. ???
Anyway, if anyone has other dealer suggestions, that would be great too. I realize that when Mitsubishi comes out with laservue in the fall, they may dump their DLPs; but at this price I see no reason to wait any longer. Thanks again for all comments, suggestions.
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