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Thumbs up Re: What do you think of Sunfire's cinema ribbon speakers?

As probably some of you on this forum already know, I have a soft spot for Bob Carver. It goes back to my deejay days when he was the master mind of Phase Linear. Well, it seems from Dr. Ken`s review, he has done it again. Truly, Bob in my humble opinion, has not gotten he has just due as a great maker of equipment, and keeping the pricing quite reasonably. The AV industry should be cheering him. And not be jealous of his ground breaking technologies.

In fact, after what I saw by Bel Canto at Mays HE2007, he should re-introduce his "Magnetic Field Cube Amplifier." Consumers do want high quality components, but size and space are a consideration. Not everyone can house a Mark - Lev or McIntosh amplifier. And Bel Canto showed how nicely there amplifiers could be used in any environment, regardless of size and space.

Hats off to the innovator, Bob Carver!!!
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