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Default Blu-ray and DVD Sales Rise From Previous Week

Both DVD and Blu-ray sales rose last week over 27 percent from the previous week. Jumper came in at number one for the week, blowing out the competition. The Bucket List and National Treasure 2 were numbers two and three, and their sales paled in comparison to Jumper.

DVD still reports are greater sales increase than Blu-ray. DVD rose 29.5 percent while Blu-ray rose 27 percent. Blu-ray's steady 9 percent of the market share decrease this past week to 7 percent. The weak releases in the coming weeks for the Blu-ray has speculation placing Blu-ray sales down to about five or six percent of the market share. DVD is also getting releases that are not making the cut on the Blu-ray format. This past week has seven titles not available on Blu-ray.
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