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Talking Re: NHK Shows Off 8K Display - Leaves 1080p Detail in the Dust

Originally Posted by R-Star View Post
Agreed. Its getting ridiculous. Starting to remind me of computers.
Well, actually, this is the same resolution used to transfer 70mm and IMAX to digital for archiving and then down resolution converted for 4k and 2k theatrical presentation.

The screen size they state and the claimed resolution are visibly superior to 4k and 2k on the same screen, and, in fact, I would boldly hope for a 16k or even 32k display of the future which would rival reality in detail and three dimensionality.

My only qualm is that they need to make it brighter than 8,000 ANSI Lumens for that size screen; more like 18,000 ANSI - then it would have a greater similarity to real life, and isn't that the point?
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