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Originally Posted by prerich View Post
Now that's impressive! Some one who has heard the monolith and lived to tell about it! And coming from someone who has Wilson speakers (not me - the original poster - I wish I had Wilsons) - its just that more impressive!
I like the way you put that: "heard the monolith, and lived to tell about it!"

You know, when I started this journey to see and hear what the very best possible fidelity is, I really never imagined that it would take this form. And the D'Appolito Sub-1800 arrays are certainly monolithic, like in 2001.

But the most important thing that I discovered, and which is alluded to in some of Edison, Tesla, and Bells experimental notes, is the need for headroom in the electrical feed and the size, shape and speed of the transducer (both recording and playback). I only really understood what they meant when I built Ciné Beta as it appears in the pictures you may have seen.

In spite of over 150 years of continuous work by whole industries to recreate sound accurately, we still have a lot of undiscovered country to explore!
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