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Default Re: Software prices... Do they really matter?

Vinyl guys are a different breed and the market is tiny. I think they are grateful that they can find anything on vinyl and don't complain about the price. You can't exactly go to Walmart and pick up a 180 gram vinyl pressing. I also think there is a certain cachet with vinyl and vinyl guys don't mind paying extra to be the member of a very exclusive club.

The first movie I would get if I got a Blu-ray player would be "Live Free or Die Hard". I checked Amazon and the DVD is $16.49 and the Blu-ray is $24.99 - a 50% premium. I'm sure you could find both of them cheaper, but the point is Blu-rays are rarely the same price as DVDs. That and $500 for a player is an impediment to many.

Divide the cost of a Bluray player by the number of Bluray discs you have to get the real premium. For example, if you have a 100 Bluray discs, the additional premium is $5.00. So the cost of a DVD is $16.49 and the cost of a Bluray disc is now $29.99 - almost double. Obviously the additional premium will go up or down depending on how many Blu-ray discs you have.

Given the economics, people might replace a broken DVD player with a Blu-ray player, but it's a tough sell to go out and buy a player when you already have a DVD player and a small screen - say 42" or less - particularly if you have a good upscaling DVD player. This is particularly true since there are no Profile 2.0 players on the market yet. Why buy a Profile 1.1 player for big bucks now? You ought to at least wait until the Profile 2.0 players hit the market and come down in price.

Thanksgiving-Christmas looks like a rational time to jump in. By then several Profile 2.0 players will be out and prices will have dropped. Hopefully the price of Bluray discs will have dropped by then as well.

Unless of course you have a front projector and big screen. If I were in that situation, I would buy the first Profile 2.0 player that comes out. The Panasonic BP50 is suppose to hit the streets in a couple of weeks and would be a good choice.

Just one man's opinion.

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