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Default Software prices... Do they really matter?

I know all you have been griping about paying $25 for a Blu-ray disc. Myself and most of the internet savvy folks here have been averaging closer to $18.

I have been shopping for a good turntable to get back into vinyl lately, and noticed that all the vinyl I see in shops on line runs $30+ yet no one gripes about this.

I am willing to pay extra for a better fpormat, but was surprised to see how much extra analog runs, and it made me realize we are a group of wimps for complaining for the price difference between Blu-ray and SD DVD.

A new release SD DVD often run $18. If you buy from Amazon, you can often get the Blu-ray version for ~$18, or the same cost.

Why are we all whining?

I think we need to stop griping and start buying discs to make our format grow as best as possible.

Ken Taraszka, MD
Associate Editor
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