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Default Re: Polk RTi A9 vs Klipsch RF82 vs JBL 890

Thanks Kenny. I agree with what you said.
However, I would rate my own ears as very untrained to find the difference in a demo. And they aren't going to remain that way for long - so I would like to go for something that I don't like later. I think I can trust the users here (and reviewers too) to a good extent.

Can we compare in terms of technology, power, range of sound they produce, number of drivers (is having more drivers better) etc? Is the speaker technology evolving like it does for avrs etc? Klipsch has very high efficiency - would that be better?


Originally Posted by kennyt View Post

Speakers likely affect the sound of a system more than any other component, and reviews are only what we the reviewers hear and perceive.

The only person who can decide which speaker is best for you and your tastes is you, so do try to listen to the speakers you want, and buy the one that sounds best to you, after all , you will be the one living with them in the end.
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