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Default Polk RTi A9 vs Klipsch RF82 vs JBL 890

It is difficult to find any reviews for Polk RTi A9. Seems the series is pretty new. I did some price research and in India, these are seemingly the best in the price range I can afford. I need help to decide between them. I am trying to audition them, but they are not available in stores near me, so it will take some time.

Pair of fronts would cost:
Polk RTi A9 - $1600
Klipsch RF82 - $1350
JBL L890 - $1600

May be better, but out of budget:

Polk LSi 15 - $2k - above my budget of $1.5k. Moreover matching center/ sub/ surrounds are expensive as well - not sure what I can mix/ match with them.

Klipsch RF83 - Can't afford. $3500

I will use for both HT and music. HT may take up most of the time on these speakers, but when I put music on them it should sound good.
Room is 20ft wide x 30ft deep - but seating would be 10-15ft from the 20ft wide wall - effectively 20ft x 15ft. Rest of the room is used for other activities.
I will expand it into a full 5.1/ 7.1 system over several months, as my pocket and wife would allow :-)

I am a newbie.
HTIB - Onkyo ST-S3100.
DVD player Philps DVP5986K. Hooked to receiver via coaxial, and to TV via component. It has USB, HDMI and upconversion. USB works great! Replaced my SonyDVP-NS57P
29" LG Flatron CRT.
Current Room - 12' wide, seating at 8' from front wall.
Front wall mounts at 8' apart and 5' high.
Center is in the center 3' high, below the TV, and horizontal.
Surrounds are 12' apart wall mounted, and facing the seating at ear level.
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