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Default Re: Two-channel pre-amp recommendations please

Well... I have a new pre-amp and it meets virtually none of my requirements!

I was bored today and started looking through my local craigslist and came across a Cary SLP-98L for sale about 5 minutes from me. I knew what was going to happen at that point.

I've been considering one as a budget option to hold me over until I found
what I REALLY wanted (and could justify the price) since it has been so highly recommended.

I was not prepared for how good this little pre is.

It definetly leans slightly on the tube side of things rather than the clinical
side, which is just what I was after.

After spending the last 4 hours listening to every disk I own I can conclude that
it just flat makes music - good music.

It has layer upon layer of texture and does magical things to vocals (KD Lang is on right now) as well as strings. It kicks out a wide and deep soundstage filled with details
should you want to look for them - I find that I don't however, because they're all
woven together in a fabric of music that is better taken as a whole.

If I had to fault it, the bottom end isn't quite as tight as I would like it to be, but that was simply cured with some tweaking of my sub.

I truly feel sorry for those of you without tubes in your rig... or worse... those of you who use a HT processor as a preamp.. sacrelege (shakes head).

This is an absoute steal on the used market even at A-gon pricing - not to mention Craigslist pricing!!

Isn't she beautiful??

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