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Default Re: Was The Happening really that bad?

Originally Posted by rex View Post
Why don't you like Edward Norton?
He is one reason why I would see The Hulk. I think the actor, producer, director, screenwriter is very talented -- twice nominated for Academy Awards, Golden Globe winner, as well as winner of many film critic association awards, etc. He also seems perfectly cast as Dr. Bruce Banner. JMHO
Tim Roth was good in Rob Roy, though I can't think of a single other memorable performance.
I will not deny that Edward Norton is talented. He is. However, I think it is possible to be talented but not so much of an ass. He is a bit full of himself at times and a bit of a baby in his tactics to get his way. While I feel he is dedicated to the craft and wants to make quality work he is also a bit self centered and loses sight of the fact that making a movie is a team effort and by not promoting or speaking positively about projects he's a part of slaps those who work hard with him and around him in the face. He seems to do this on every project, including the Italian Job which I worked on briefly at an ad firm.

As for Tim Roth. He was AWESOME in Reservoir Dogs and Funny Games. He's done a grip of indie films that have been terrific. Even his small part in Pulp Fiction was memorable.
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