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Default Samsung's SP-A800B DLP Projector Now Available

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. announced the nationwide availability of the SP-A800B projector, a premium projector that enhances the home theater experience by delivering film-like picture quality in full high-definition 1080p.

The high-end projector maximizes the home theater connoisseur’s full HD viewing experience by leveraging advanced optics and a Texas Instruments 1080p DLP® chip to deliver a level of color and image quality that is traditionally found in professional studio-grade monitors. Setting the standard for consistently delivering the industry’s richest and most detailed picture, the A800B produces premium color accuracy. In addition to its native resolution of 1920 x 1080, the SP-A800B boasts an impressive 95% aperture ratio and a fast 16 microsecond (0.016 millisecond) response time to further facilitate accurate and natural motion graphics.

Furthermore, the HD projector features a native contrast ratio of 10,000:1, providing stunning blacks and conveying dynamic shadowing details that result in high-definition film quality and stability. Also delivering a film mode with a frame rate of 24 frames per second, the A800B provides the same frame rate found in commercial movie theaters.

To facilitate the highest quality home theater experience and color reproduction, Samsung teamed up with Joe Kane Productions, a worldwide authority on visual imaging equipment and development. The result of this collaboration is a premium high-definition projector that reproduces astonishing flesh tones and natural colors. The SP800B allows users to freely select the color space for the three broadcasting formats (SMPTE-C, HDTV, and EBU) to deliver accurate projection regardless of format. In addition the projector has the capability of matching the gamma response curve of ultra-expensive studio video equipment.

“Basic technologies for HD projectors have drastically improved on superior performance capabilities and enhanced design functionality over the last several years. Samsung continues to maintain its performance standards within the marketplace by delivering the A800B,” said Christopher Franey, VP Marketing and Commercial Sales, Samsung Electronics America, Information Technology Division. “The unique design and functionality of this high-end projector separate this from any in its class. By leveraging the experience of Joe Kane we deliver the ultimate cinematic visual experience with our high-class fully functional HD projector that displays clearer and crisper images.”

The SP-A800B projector matches high-performance with high-design, incorporated in this highly functional design is the low-noise cooling system that supports and maintains quiet installations, making installations and placement practical without hindering the unit’s functionality. The theater mode operates at just 25db enabling users to focus on the finest details without compromising excellence.

Like all Samsung projectors, the SP-A800B projector is backed by a two-year limited warranty on labor and parts as well as toll-free technical support for the life of the display. is offline   Reply With Quote