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Default Comcast Vows 20 Percent All Digital By Year's End

Comcast is preparing to dump a bunch of analog channels in 20 percent of its market by the end of the year, with the rest being dumped by 2010. FCC regulations require cable and satellite providers to make digital-analog converters readily available to their analog customers. However, this is a small cost for the corporations as the customers they will gain do to the ability to add new HD channels will far exceed the converter cost.

By dropping 70 analog channels, enough bandwidth will have been freed for Comcast to add 150 HD channels. Although, recent test cases have shown that Comcast recompressing HD channels to fit three channels in a space meant for two. In this case, Comcast will be able to add 220 HD channels.

It's time for cable and satellite providers to put our HDTVs to work. We say bring on the HD.
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