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Default Blu-ray Copy Protection Useless As Copying Software Continually Updates

As predicted, the Blu-ray copy protection on discs did not thwart the persistance of those wanting to make copies. Instead, the copy protection has only served to make left difficult for the true and loyal users of the Blu-ray format.

Shortly after the release of the Blu-ray format, disc copying software was able to break the encryption key and allow for a perfect Blu-ray disc copy. As with DVD, it looks like SlySoft's AnyDVD HD software is geting routinely updated to ensure the ability of ripping and copying the latest of Blu-ray releases.

Only days after the release of new films, such as Jumper, has Slysoft released an update breaking the new BD+ encryption used on the disc. While updates are usually reserved for bug fixes in a software program, Slysoft seems to have a team just sitting and breaking the code of every new disc.

Copy protection of copyrighted material, whetehr it being home video or audio, has always been a mess. The industry tries to suppress and the public just finds the hole. Can't we all just play nice?
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