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Default Re: New Blu-ray and HD DVD Players This Holiday Season

London calling! I have Toshiba HD XE1 (european version of XA2) which is much better than my original A1 from the States... software update needed, it barely plays! I also have sony PS3 (UK version).... recently replaced my 50" Pioneer 506 XDE (separate media tuner box) with latest LG 60PF95, a full HD model 1080p/50/60/24 rates..... There is little to choose between Blu-Ray and HD DVD.... they both perform equally well (UK, we have not received OUR 24 frame output 1080p upgrade guys over the pond have had it!) The reality is that they are both capable of stunning results, especially if you calibrate your panel correctly... use of Kane test disc is helpful, and a revelation). Also, the quality of all discs is at the mercy of the indivual studio, and just how good or bad a job they have done with the source material. Early BD discs in MPEG2 looked pretty awful on both sides of the Pond, but releases from Fox and affiliated companies released using AV1/MPEG 4 look stunning.... " days ago I purchaed "The Patriot", and that was truly amazing..... Mind you, I went back and took a fresh look at early HD DVD releases in my collection (110 HD DVD/30 BD) and I was suprised that "Training Day" which looked very soft on my original Toshiba A1 player, now looked stunning on my 60" full1080p LG panel played via the XE1 (U.S. XA2) which proves Toshiba were right to use MPEG4 format from the start. I tend on principal to support HD DVD, primarily because they gave it to us first WITH the full support of the DVD Forum, and also laid down minimum standards to which all discs and players must conform. Sony came along and in effect caused a major problem when they had the chance to pull together as one.... Result? stores worldwide have the problem of SELLING 2 formats to general public.... Sony STILL have not finalized the full "real-deal" standard for the BD format (Sept/Oct before that happens).... and all those who trusted Sony may end up with their fingers burned with non functionality anytime soon! Therefore, I personally will stick with PS3 until it all settles.... only reason for buying it was to have the possibility of seeing the films that won't yet make it onto Hd DVD.... In Europe, BD and PSŁ for that matter, has not been the decisive blow that Sony would have liked... thanks in part to Microsoft's support with the X360 (gamers,which alas is not me!... and industry-insiders tell me Sony is out of touch with reality and,in Europe, on price..... Which leads me to point.... with all my experience,expertise and knowledge, I cannot even predict what will transpire in 12 months time...... consumers are left in limbo, and only dedicated fans like us are left to buy into BOTH formats..... a needless waste, because Joe Public ain't gonna be doin' that, folks, with their hard-earned cash...

Time will tell, 1440p formats being developed now, and on it rolls! upshot is I HAVE MY DREAM NOW... and Boy am I loving it... for 15 years now I have wanted this standard that is here now.... Can't wait for Blade Runner (Final Cut) and A clokwork Orange (first time anamorphic).... wish Warners would roll'em out quicker!!! Good night from London,folks .... Oh yeah! I AM actually American by birth and citizenship,but speak with a pure British accent! I've been here since the of almost 3!!!)
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