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Question Re: Kaleidescape and Toshiba can't fool me!

All these types of things will do is further confuse consumers, I guess it shows just how bitter Toshiba really is.

Not only is the picture quality on Blu-Ray far superior to what upconverted DVD will ever be, the audio quality of True HD & DTS Master HD makes Dolby Digital sound like a MP3!

Upconverted DVD's is like going from the regular DVD release of The Fifth Element to the Superbit version, yea it looks good on an upconverting player but the Superbit version doesn't hold a candle to the Blu-ray version, Hell, even the bad original Blu-Ray version was better than the Superbit version.

I guess Toshiba can put a DVDO upscaler in a DVD player & sell it at a loss like they did their hd-dvd players but how long can they do that?
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