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Default Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?

Originally Posted by kennyt View Post
FWIW I wouldn't want to do a road trip without my iPod, lower quality is tolerable as long as I can listen to something that I want to hear....
You know kennyt, I `ve kinda taken a deaf ear to Apples unit. My stepson`s friends don`t even seem interested in listening to the music for long periods of time. But rather, try to impress each other about how many songs they have on it. Not for listening of course, but I got 100, you only have 74.

What!! but I have come to realize that its a great archival or storage tool. So, I may break down and get one. But the days of getting excited about purchasing you next LP, reading the liner notes, looking at the artwork, talking to knowledgeable people at Tower Records (now closed) about the music we all love, and they knew about it and loved it also are gone.

How many people do you know, with the exception of us, are waiting to get home from work, eat, take a nice shower, sit in front of your system, and listen to music for a couple of hours? I bet, no one!! These are the times we live in.

Maybe I`ll get one so I can have access to all my soul ballads, Delfonics, Stylistics, Dramatics, then Stanley Clarke, Al Dimeola, Freddie Hubbard, Herbie Han****, Rare Earth, Earth, Wind, and Fire, Chicago, Santana, Mahavishnu Orchestra with John McLaughlin, you get the picture.
For this reason, I`m considering getting one.

Especially, since my deejay years are behind me. I could make some interesting playlists.

Now, is any of this music on I - tunes kennyt?
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