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Comcast rules the world. At least in their mind, their customer service shows that. That's why they are ranked #1 in customer service (#1 on the *#@! list). It's pretty bad when Directv's customer service beats you out. Comcast has shown time and time again that they just don't care.
According to a new study from the University of Michigan, Comcast and Charter Communications tied for last among TV providers in customer satisfaction. The university's annual 'American Customer Satisfaction Index' found that consumer satisfaction with cable and satellite TV operators is at its highest since the study began in 2001. Even so, the industry still ranks second to last in the 18 categories measured in the report. (The airlines are last.)

According to The Bridge May 13, 2008, Comcast Chairman and CEO Brian Roberts said “It’s
not about basic video anymore,”, adding that his company continues to diversify its product stream to include items other than analog video. The other area where the cable business had encountered mixed results (at least in 2007) was with the retention of basic customers. At the close of the first quarter, Comcast lost 57,000 basic customers, taking its total basic customer count to 24.6 million. In the fourth quarter, the MSO giant lost 94,000 basic subscribers. Charter said it lost 11,900 basic customers during the first three months of the year. The companies also are relying more on other services, such as broadband, phone and digital video recorders (DVR) sales.

And what about the picture quality issue? In an article in Home Media Magazine May 18-24, 2008 entitled “Cable Compression May Hurt HD Picture” Holly J. Wagner said “The problem is highly compressed digital channel signals transmitting multiple layers of programming, which maximizes cable company bandwidth, but some¬times at the expense of picture quality.”

While cable and satellite program providers will continue to serve the great majority of homes as the primary signal source, missing HD local reception, compression issues, higher costs, billing add-ons, service outages, contact difficulties, in-home service waits and no shows have left many of these subscribers looking to OTA antennas as alternatives and backup.

Why? Recent regulations and standards opened new doors for antenna engineers to develop smaller antennas with improved performance and aesthetics. One of these new generation digital antenna, installed and aimed properly (considering obstructions) will receive desired local stations it’s aimed at up to 70 miles or more, including multi-cast programming and several in HD, almost completely uncompressed, not necessarily available from cable or satellite. Some viewers may even be able to receive some or all of available out-of-town channels, carrying blacked out sports programs or network broadcasts not available in home towns.

To see what Off-Air programming is close enough to receive, go to

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