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Default Royalty Fees Tacked on to Blu-ray Recorders and Recordable Media

The Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry along with the Education, Science and Technology Ministry of Japan announced that royalty fees will be levied on blank Blu-ray recordable media and Blu-ray disc recorders in Japan. The rationale for this move is that it is necessary to compensate copyright holders due to the increase in new digital technologies and personal copying.

No agreement was reached on whether or not fees would be assessed on other devices such as HDD recorders, portable music players, etc. HDD recorders that incorporate a Blu-ray recorder however, will be subject to royalty fees.

This move could spark another debate here in the states. But unlike Japan, the powers at be will have a fight on their hands should they attempt to pass such a tax. This royalty tax follows a similar principle known very well in grade school - Punish all for the actions of a few. Makes sense, right?
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