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Default Re: Unified audio format? Let's hope so!!

Originally Posted by luisranger2bn View Post
kenyyt: my good friend,i recommended to listen the blu ray dave mattews and tim reynolds live at radio city music hall, and you get an idea to how to listen the new format dolbytrue hd is in music,this is a best recording i hearing and is recommended for a different audiophile columnist and journals magazine on audio and hometheater in the world i know is a hd video but you get idea the how sound reproducing you hear and you get the your own conclusion my friend. i recommended $$$$$$$,%%%% * seriously.
I have seen it, didn't buy it as I am not a huge DM fan. I have the first ever Blu-ray disc of the Norwegian symphony, it's awesome!!! I also have several of the concerts @ Montreiux (Yes, DP, Alice Cooper) and they are all good as well.
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