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Default Re: Is the iPod too lo-fi for you?

Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
My ipod sounds like crap. Even though I ripped most of my must with iTunes at a pretty high rate for AAC - it still sucks wind compared to my ReQuest at home.

I did get some new headphones from Ultimate Ears (the UE10's) that are pretty high end but when the custom molds came back - they were REALLY painful. I sent them back for new molds to be made. The UE10's are what a lot of top performers are using on stage these days and have a three way speaker system in them. From what I could tell they sound REALLY clean. My Etimotyics KEPT breaking. The UE's have WAY more sound deadening but might be a pain to remove when the flight attendant comes by and says "would you like another scotch, sir"
That sounds good Jerry. Hopefully now you have solved your headphone issue. And, I`m sure the good folks at Headroom, took good care of you. I`m interested to see how you will like those custom molds when they come back. My ENT doctor told me my ear canal is a little small, so I`ll stick with the conventional types. I`m to afraid that even after the custom mold, once they go in, I will not be able to get them out!!!
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