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John Paul Ahn
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Default Revamping AV Setup Whadda Ya Think...

looking to upgrade pre/pro.
old: tag mclaren av32r
New Stuff Possibilities:
higher end - Anthem D1, Sunfire TGP V
middle end - Arcam AVP-700, Sunfire TGP IV, Anthem AVM30
? end - Outlaw 990, Emotiva DMC-1

i'm looking to buy used on both the higher end and middle end stuff. i can get the sunfire tgp V for $2500; the anthem D1 for $2800. i like the upgradability of the anthem and probably would upgrade it to a D2 later down the line when i have the extra $2000. the sunfire V is a relatively new product so compents are up to date, just limited upgradability however.

the middle end stuff would all run me about a grand less than the higher end stuff.

as for the outlaw and emotiva, i'm not that familiar with their stuff so i would like to know what others think about them as well.

thanks for the replies.
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