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Default Re: Was The Happening really that bad?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
I read an article about The Happening today and M. Night was talking about how he intended to make a modern day B movie. More like a cereal picture than a serious statement on today's modern culture. Knowing this I may give the film a chance however, it could be a filmmaker trying to explain the dismal failure of a film by trying to pass it off as "the audience didn't get it".

I may break down and see the Hulk too but Ed Norton is far from my favorite person. I don't really like watching him although I think Tim Roth is amazing.
Well Andrew, M. Night`s last movie I did not like. However, From what my sources have said, I`m willing to give The Happening a shot. As far as the Hulk goes, I was wondering why the guys at Marvel Comics made another Hulk in the first place. Its not like its the Hulk II, or a sequel. Though from what I have been told, it supposedly starts from where the first Hulk left off.

But to me, it seems like an indictment to the first film. Like, it was not that good, so lets make another. I agree though, that the first actor should have been given a shot to play the Hulk again. He played Hector in "Troy."
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