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Default Re: Was The Happening really that bad?

Originally Posted by Robinson_A View Post
The talk around the office today (besides the new digs for we've moved to the heart of Wilshire) was how horrible The Happening was. I wanted to see it but am now having second thoughts. Is it really that bad?

I skipped Indiana Jones and Hulk but Iron Man was great. The Happening was to be my other summer film but I guess I'll skip it. Care to comment...
Andrew, I have not seen the Hulk yet. But heard from two people how excellent it was. And, who showed up at the end of the movie!! So, we really have something in store for the next one. Hopefully, knowing this will not hurt me seeing the Hulk now!! What do you think??

However, I was told that The Happening was very intense, and definitely not for young people!!
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