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Whew, where do I start. I agree with everything you say here jbk. People, have always gone for convenience first, quality a distant second. Which is why(I know this is not the thread for this) we do not need another format war. Rather than taking ADVANTAGE OF HD, hdmi etc., we keep making it harder for the mainstream consumer to enjoy what the high end offers.

Alright, back to the music, I can not believe you brought up "The Mahavishnu Orchestra. I love John McLaughlin and their music. Apoycaplse is my favorite LP. I would love to get that in a Telarc Hybrid SACD or DVD - A. Or even an AIX recording. But, we know the deal with that.

Well, its good to know that you like this music as well. And who knows, its highly doubtful, but maybe someone out there will do it. Maha in 5.1, that we would be awesome.
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