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Default Philips Releases the Highly-Anticipated Ultimate LCD TVs

At their yearly "Holiday in June" event, Philips announced and displayed their release of the Ultimate TVs. These consist of three lineups - the 5000 series, 7000 series and Eco TVs.

The 5000 series features the new Pixel Plus 3 HD that reportedly yields a more immersive viewing experience. This series also includes Digital Natural Motion that helps eliminate juddering from film frame rate conversion. The TVs have a glossy, black cabinet, with rounded edges. The 5000 series has a built in audio/video test pattern to allow the user to select what they perceive to be the best viewing and listening experience. All models use HDMI 1.3a ports.

The 32PFL5403, 42PFL5603, 47PFL5603, and 52PFL5603 models are available now.

Philips' Eco TVs are designed to be power efficient. A built-in light sensor automatically measures the viewing room's ambient light and adjusts the television's backlight for power efficiency. All sevem Eco TV models are now available. Screen size ranges from 42-inches to 52-inches.

The 7000 Series builds upon the features included with the 5000 and Eco models. Two of the three models are curently available, with the 42PFL5603 expected in July.
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