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Default Re: Genesis Library on SACD

kenny, your right. But also, mainstream America was not made fully aware of those formats. Most of the time, by the time mainstream America finds out, what the next advancement in auio and video are from the high end community, whatever it is, has been out for a while. Then, there is very little information given to them.
Worse yet, there is very little education given either. And when there is, for some reason, its met or done with much confusion.

So, something must be done to change this. When that happens, then maybe we can have greater acceptance to new formats, products, whatever. Think about it, before you sell something, you get trained, get info, literature, samples, etc. Its time to show some excitement and enthusuaism to the mainstream, then they will be as excited as we are.

Is that so hard, for those of us with all this passion for music and sound??!! I don`t think so.
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