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Originally Posted by JerryDelColliano View Post
He was adopted last week. We have another foster in from some IDIOT who got arrested for dealing drugs and JUST left the dog in his apt for 2 days. She is a wreck. Bladder infection, scared etc... We are working with her to get her back to feeling comfortable including sending her out for a bath today (she smelled like PEE).
Thats too bad, but I am glad you are stepping up to help the animal.

We used to foster animals for years and helped rebuild the local animal shelter, it amazes me what some people do to their animals, well I guess it also amazes me what some people do to their children.

Sometimes I am reminded of a quote from "Where the Buffalo Roam";

"I think he should be castrated so his genes can't be passed onto future generations"

BTW If you've never seen this film rent it immediately!!! It's Bill Murray's first film (I believe) where he plays Hunter S. Thompson and he does it to a tee, none of the lame Johnny Depp stuff, true golden Hunter!!!
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