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Default Re: Did you see what Tiger did today?

I have one week passes for the big year end set of tournements, where they play for the 8 million dollars. I live in the St. Louis area, and one of the latest tourneys is in St. Louis this year.

I was thinking about taking a friend, but I now want to take my daughter. I want her to later be able to say she saw him play.

I'm a big runner and golfer, and I had the exact same surgery Tiger had 2 months ago, only I had both knees done six months apart. One knee had issues, got it operated on, then the other had the exact same problem six months later. The doctor said it totally unrelated to running. He said the same thing to me that Tiger's doctor told him: "You can't hurt it, but it can hurt you". It was 4 months before I could swing a club, and a good 6 months before I felt comfortable running on it. I would make a couple swings, no problem. Then I would swing again, and I almost couldn't walk. Once I would "tweek" it, the next day I was in misery.

The fact that he could walk that much on it, put up with that kind of pain, and still beat the best in the game is "other worldly".
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