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Default Talking with the CFO of DirecTV at the Denver Airport (DIA)

On my way back from seeing April Showers, I met another disgruntled traveler at the "red carpet" in front of my United check-in. While I was there on-time - there was NO crew to fly the flight back to LA AND there were VISABLE t-storms off in the distance.

Some guy taps me on the shoulder and says "how was your trip to Denver - I saw you on the flight coming our yesterday." I told him I actually made it to Omaha Nebraska and back and that I wanted to be home as it was a long 36 hours. He shared some of his travel stories and I asked him what he does. Turns out he is the COO of DirecTV thus is in charge of their WHOPPING 12,000 person call center. I told him about and my issues with DirecTV and how since the HR21 has a hard restart switch on the front - many of my issues are no longer an issue.

He was a very nice guy and gave some interesting insight into the inner-workings of the biggest provider of HD content. DirecTV is a BIG deal.

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