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Talking Did you see what Tiger did today?

Just incredible especially on NBC HD and ESPN HD. Torrey Pines might not look that good in person!!!!

Tiger Woods (he is not my fav player on tour but you MUST respect him) simply pulled a Jordan. Playing hurt - he did what the likes of Terrell Ownes couldn't do. He came back and was a champion.

14 times out of 14 Tiger Woods has won a major when he lead after 54 holes.

Tiger Woods is 11-1 in playoffs.

Tiger Woods has won 14 majors and he is in his early 30's (I think 32).

You and your kids need to SEE THIS MAN PLAY. He is a Golf God walking the Earth. While I root for Phil - Tiger Woods is the best athlete on the planet right now. When he is on in HD - you just have to watch.
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