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Hi I'm relatively new to the audio scene and as a youngish person with.. probably not enough experience, I would like to ask ARVforum members their suggestions for a starter floor standing set.

Not too expensive say under $700/pair would be nice. I Know this price range is a lot to ask.
I've listened to widely known brands such as Polk and Klipsch and are not satisfied with polk but klipsch seems a little bit better.

I currently have a low name brand called Fluance AV-F3 and they seem a little weak for me. not enough midbass and not bright enough in the tweeters section.

I have also auditioned Paradigm Monitor 11 & Studio 100 and definitely like those but they are quite a bit too much money for me.

I also auditioned the JM Labs.. and absolutely love those bright tweeters, but once again the price is too high for me.

Any suggestion is welcomed and greatly appreciated.
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