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Default Re: Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

Adam Sandler's Click was not shot in 4K. It was shot in 1080p using the Sony Varicam line of cameras which was in its infancy when they used it. The same camera package was used in the last three Star Wars films which in my opinion did not look all that great. Dalsa is a native 4K sensor that produces a raw image file that is greater than 1080p and 35mm. It is the ONLY camera that does this as the RED camera is a bit of a cheat and the Viper system is only 2K. 4K raw provides so much "wiggle" room in terms of post that it can not be beat. It's not digital the way many consumers probably think it is. Sure it's a digital image but the optics and shutter are all analog which is why it has such a 35mm feel with more resolution. Other 2K and even faux 4K cameras use a digital shutter or other trickery which is why many purists shun the idea of abandoning 35mm. Optics are just as important as resolution and while other companies jockey for resolution figures Dalsa has the formula right with their Origin II system.

As for down converting to 1080p its an interesting dilemma. As it pertains to our film, much like SD DVD, we'll have to compress things a bit to "fit" everything onto a Blu-ray disc, however, unlike other digital films when then next format (2K or better) hits the consumer market April Showers will be able to be viewed even better or in its native format which is very exciting. That being said even when viewing dailies back in 720p (some of our on set monitors were only 720p) the footage is very impressive. You can always down-convert successfully but up-conversion is a bit of a mixed bag.

Lastly, no film has been shot in its entirety in true 4K except April Showers. Other Dalsa projects have been all 2K and the new James Bond film (also using the Dalsa Origin II) is using them for 2nd unit VFX only. While this is bound to change as the months pass we have no basis of comparison as to what others will do with the format and a true 4K resolution.
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