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Default Movies in 4k (digital cinema standards)

April Showers is shot in 4k using Delsa Digital cameras that are close to $800,000 each. 4k is about four times the resolution of 1080p thus allowing the resolution to create a film-like picture that in most ways looks BETTER than film.

Relative to Blu-ray and home video - its SUCH a pleasure to be able to downconvert from 4k to 1080p (which is how we are editing the film and then resynching up the 4k master) as upconversions never really look THAT good. Downconverting from digital gold like well-shot 4k provides for a pretty special video experience.

Have you seen a movie made in 4k (think the Adam Sandler movie Click on Blu-ray)? Are you ready to give up film? We are.
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