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Default 4k projectors

Unfortunately, movies shot or post-produced and then released in 4K are scarce (Spider-Man 3, The Da Vinci Code and Ocean’s 13 are a few). So for the most part, we’re seeing the projector’s upscaling capabilities. However, more cinemas are converting to 4K projection systems or installing them upon construction, like the 18-screen Muvico Cineplex that opened last fall in Rosemont, IL.

Sony’s SRX-R105 consumer 4K projector, with accessories, will run you around $100,000, says Floyd. “Projection from a 4K system is so much brighter, cleaner and smoother if you put an HD image on the screen and compare apples to apples [against a 2K projector and screen],” he says. “If you take the 2K and 4K versions of the same movie, there’s so much more information on the 4K image, it’s like night and day.”

Screen manufacturer Screen Excellence has even developed a special material for 4K projection, though John Caldwell, whose StJohn Group is Screen Excellence’s North American distributor, thinks it will be 10 years before 4K makes its mark with anyone besides “the guy who just has to have the best.” I’ll be envious of that guy.
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