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Default Sharp Releases the LB-1085 108-inch LCD HDTV

Making good on their CES promise, Sharp has begun rollout of their 108-inch LCD HDTV. The LB-1085 features a 108-ASV LCD panel with 400 cd/m2 brightness, along with a 6 ms response time and 176-degree viewing angle. The rear contains 3 HDMI inputs as well as 1 DVI, 2 Component, and many other inputs and outputs. With an atonishing weight of 430 pounds, don't count on wall-mounting this bad boy. Thank goodness for the built on base.

Initial release price will cost you about $100,000. Now the question is whether a 108-inch LCD panel suffers from the same problems as a 103-inch Plasma panel? Guess you will have to pick one of these up to find out. is offline   Reply With Quote