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Default Re: Blu-ray Wins! But The Real Format War Has Only Just Begun

Originally Posted by i30krab View Post
I'll get a lower priced BR model now and later when the industry releases a high end user friendly unit I will give the cheaper one to my son.

This brings me to the question, currently which model is the most reliable in the $400-500 price range??
Ofcourse price drops always lead to bigger sales its a no brainer.

but digital downloads are such a pathetic flop right now, nobody i know knows about digital downloads i think more people in the world watch movies on vhs rather then downloading them digitally.

dvd right now is also dying fast dying alot faster then vhs and Blu-ray is taking over the market way faster then dvd did.

all things look Blue and Blu-ray is going to be our HD format for atleast the next 10 years nothing is of any danger to Blu-ray right now nothing.
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