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Default Unified audio format? Let's hope so!!


I am officially spoiled by the new audio codecs! I was sitting around tonight and started watching the Italian Job on Blu-ray (only DD) and was so disappointed in the audio, I swapped in Transporter 2 (DTS HD) and was amazed I used to think DD/DTS were good!

I think once you hear the new codecs, you will be hooked, It's tough to give an example of the difference in relative terms, maybe DVD vs VHS or maybe cassette tape vs CD?? Those seems pretty close.

Once you all get to hear just how good uncompressed audio is in surround, you will not want to go back! Many people have asked me if the new formats are worth it, and after living with them for a while, all I can say is get them ASAP!!!

You won't regret it!

I truly find the new uncompressed audio codecs to make even good to excellent DD/DTS sound like MP3's........ I am so hooked on the new audio formats, I hope audio only discs take off as well and maybe for once we'll all have a unified high resolution audio format!
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