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Default Re: High end pre/pro's. Are they worth it???

Originally Posted by wes View Post
You make a very good point and that is why I decided to wait until HDMi 1.3 was out and will wait until the processors support all the new Codec including DD Tru HD and DTS-Master Audio. My Integra Research has done a great job over the past seven years so I don't mind spending the money again and hope that the new unit will last taht long.

With format like DD Tru HD and DTS-MA they should last a while, uncompressed audio is very hard to beat and I don't see any improvements after that! Unless they start using higher bit rate but even then it might be purely mathematical exercices.

On the video side as well 1080p is sufficient and should last another 7 to 10 years before we see 4000p available in the consumer market any time soon.
I agree to some degree....

In as long as I have been a HT fanatic, the pre/pro has consistently been the biggest value loser in audio......

I currently own the Denon AVP-A1HDCI, and right now I can not see how that thing will become outdated any time soon, but who knows???
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