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Default Re: Not sure what to buy (Levinson 502, Meridian G Series other)

I think right now is a tough time to pick a reference an AV preamp. This is sort of obvious as Jerry and I have been talking for weeks about just what to buy and we do not know!!!!! The AV world has been turned on it's head the last few years, and even the best of the best may be only first drafts..... Hopefully, all the new stuff that is finally stating to come around will start to give us choices.

I think the Meridian gear is awesome, very musical and sweet sounding with tons of air and weight, which I love, I have heard the ML 502 and it sounded very good, though I didn't hear it in my system, it was in an al ML/Revel system, so man if it didn't sound good, that would be a big problem! I am looking forward to hearing the Krell Evo 707, apart from being one of the most manly and massive preamps I have ever seen, it holds great promise for analog as well as digital audio, as does the ML 502.....

This gets us back to the problem, what do you buy??????
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