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Default Re: Absolute best source?

Originally Posted by nedrudrelyt View Post
Best SACD source out there? Anyone?
In my mind and to my ears nothing beats the EMM Labs CDSD SE/DAC6e SE.

You will need to have a preamp that takes 5.1 via balanced though...

If the SACD format was still alive, I would likely have bought one by now, and their switchman preamp which would be a HT pass through when not using that source....

Since SACD is basically dead, I will not spend the $30K+ that that system would cost me, oh that is without adding in the extra eight pairs of balanced IC's!!!

Now run that with the Meridian 861v6 (when it comes out) and use the 808 for DVD-A and then the Blu-ray and HD DVD player of your choice (I still keep an HD DVD player as I have many HD DVD discs) and you'd have a really nice front end.
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